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          The World of Die Casting Technology

          Your Die Casting Industry Experts

          We are a world leading die casting and tooling manufacturer. Starting as a tooling manufacturer in the south of Germany, FRECH has grown to become a global die casting expert with more than 700 employees and worldwide reach. Our strong commitment to our employees and strong roots in quality enable us to offer world class products and unbeatable global service

          FRECH is the number one brand for manufacturing of the highest quality die casting machines and tooling available on the market today. Wherever reliability and safety are a priority and whenever the latest process technology is a requirement, our global network and comprehensive service program guarantees customer satisfaction at a compatible price

          For automated die casting processes on our individual hot-chamber and cold-chamber machines we offer proprietary melting, dosing and spraying equipment, heating and cooling equipment, die casting dies and extractors. These fully- or semi-automated die casting cells can be operated with great ease from the machine control panel.

          Engineering and prototyping services, overhauls of die casting machines, second-hand die casting machines, spares and wears, customised training and our global service network of professionally skilled service technicians complete our offering today and in the future.

          Other topics on this website at a glance: structural components│light-weight casting │Vacural │diemaking │tooling │die casting tools │simulation │sprueless casting │FGS.


          Contact us


          333 Qian Qiao Road Building
          No.8-10 Qian Qiao Industry
          Park Feng Xian District
          SHANGHAI, PRC 201407 CHINA