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          The World of Die Casting Technology


          Ready before you need us

          High quality machine technology requires proper specialized care. Preventative maintenance can help to avert unscheduled downtime and the resulting high costs. Our specialist can oversee the maintenance of your machines, with prescheduled service intervals and maintenance plans tailored to meet your production needs. We even create a complete facility management program covering your entire die casting plan.

          Always at your side if you need us

          Constant readiness needs well thought out processes and dedication. Our service team is part of our quality management and will ensure the maximization of your effectiveness and minimization of down time. Together with our remote service we are able to help you with unparalleled speed. Our highly qualified technicians can guarantee you a perfect functioning machine wherever you are in the world:

          §  Extremely low reaction time with highly skilled service team

          §  With customer orientated preventative maintenance contracts

          §  Remote Service that helps within minutes. It’s like having a FRECH technician at your location all the time

          Our well thought-out logistic infrastructure helps with fast and reliable supply of ware parts and spare parts. With our world-wide locations and modern computer systems we are uniquely capable to delivering necessary parts in record time.

          Maintenance Contracts

          A preventative maintenance contract secures your highest maximum productivity. This service is offered to you by Frech at very competitive rates.

          A regular planned service can be made to check the function of:

          §  Electrical components

          §  Hydraulics

          §  Cooling system

          §  Lubrication system

          §  Locking unit

          §  Injection system

          §  Operation of safety equipment

          §  Additional automation equipment

          §  Robamat heating- and cooling units

          The maintenance is made according to valid UVV/CE - standards or can be made to your specific requirements

          Get the maintenance contract that is right for you. Contact us to get more information.