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          招賢納士,富來誠聘 Industrial Engineer / Process Engineer



          Job Description:

          1. Carrying out potential analyses inassembly and logistics to identify weak points and waste in the processes.

          2. Implementation of improvement projects on the shopfloor to increase productivity and improve quality (CIP= continuous improvement process).

          3. Assembly process analysis and detailed documentation of activities, material and tools.

          4. Support and partial project responsibility for the introduction of a synchronized flow assembly for hot chamber diecasting machines (in close cooperation with the supervisor).

          5. Support and further development ofregular communication (Shopfloor Management Meeting) to improve transparency within the company.

          6. Data analysis and optimization projects at the value stream interfaces.

          7. Perspective development to project manager/project coordinator for the introduction of a new machine series on the Chinese market.



          1. Completed master’s degree in mechanical engineering, industrialengineering, technical business administration, or comparable field of study.

          2. Enthusiasm for the design and optimization of processes in the assembly of largescale machines and the corresponding logistics.

          3. High motivation and willingness to learn for the development and expansionof methodological knowledge around production and logistics processes, as wellas lean management.

          4. Strong communication skills, emphatic personality with independent and structured way of working.

          5. Fluent in English (written and spoken), further language skills (e.g. German) are a plus.

          6. (First) practical experience (through internships, thesis, etc.) inindustry is an advantage.

          Your benefits:

          1. Employee of an international mechanical engineering company with headquarters in Germany at the production site in Shanghai Fengxian (or greater Shanghai area).

          2. Structured on boarding and basic training in lean management and analysis methods.

          3. Early assumption of responsibility for tasks and sub-projects in process documentation and process optimization.

          4. Good career and promotion opportunities, for example as project manager with possible international business trips.



          錢橋路3339-11號廠房? 郵編 201407

          E-Mail / 郵箱: HR@frech-china.com

          Homepage / 網站首頁:

          www.swan626.com ? www.frech.com

          Map link / 地圖鏈接